GUI Automation

Automation based on Graphical User Interface

GUI automation is a range of software products which imitate user actions to provide automation of selected procedures, functions or whole business processes. Such solutions are usually main part of RPA projects.

Software robots, which imitate human actions, can work in a headless mode, fully autonomous, managed by some central system, they also could be monitored on a regular display. The third option is to assist a human user in his everyday operations, like performing certain actions when user press some key combination.

GUI automation tools can work with almost any type of application: SAP, Oracle, 1C, Citrix, WEB and even legacy mainframe green screen software.

Among most popular graphical user interface automation tools: UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, Thoughtonomy, Workfusion, Digital Workforce and Openspan.

UiPath interface example

RPA interface example

GUI Automation is an alternative to traditional programming and integration through API or bus.

Most of the modern software GUI automation tools don't require much programming knowledge. It's enough for a business user to understand basic algorithm statements like "loop" or "if-then" in order to implement or adjust RPA project.

Pros of GUI Automation

  • Swift implementation: no need to learn API of all systems involved
  • Automation of legacy applications without API
  • Easy switch from automatic mode to manual and back
  • Transparency of bot's actions. Convenient diagnostics
  • Automation can be done by business users only without involvement of IT


Emplotics is a digital employees factory. By combining GUI automation with artificial intelligence and chatbots, we help to automate routine tasks for enterprise in any industry. Our team of experts will help you to choose the best fit from RPA tools portfolio, provide end-to-end implementation and transfer knowledge to your team.