Chatbots and RPA

Chatbots and Robotic Process Automation

How to speak with a digital employee? It's great if he is doing some routine procedure which doesn't need many interactions like invoice processing. But what should we do if it requires communications with humans? Chatbots are here to help.

Chatbots provide an opportunity to exchange information in a convenient for humans way. They can promptly clarify something and solve tasks faster which lead to higher satisfaction of customer (internal or external). With the growth of artificial intelligence supremacy, chatbots headed to the level when they are not much different from humans.

Non-regarding fantastic growth of artificial intelligence capabilities, chatbots are useless without access to data which is often stored in internal corporate systems. GUI automation can be a great solution in such situations.

Instead of expensive integration of chatbot with all corporate systems of records through API, it is often much more effective to use RPA tools which can use a normal user interface to get or store information in internal systems. Such automation could be performed by business users without much programming knowledge.

Chatbot can be an excellent back-office digital supporter empowering field employees with necessary insights. Sales representatives who visit the customer at his office can use regular smartphones or tablets and get the same functionality which they have in the office. Instead of a regular interface of CRM system or any other app, chatbot will help with all necessary operations.

A well-trained chatbot is a perfect communication tool for external customers, for example, to answer questions about products or services. We are sure that in 2018 this technology will grow further and become more solid.


Emplotics is a digital employees factory. By combining GUI automation with artificial intelligence and chatbots, we help to automate routine tasks for enterprise in any industry. Our team of experts will help you to choose the best fit from RPA tools portfolio, provide end-to-end implementation and transfer knowledge to your team.